Urban Digital Center

Data visualisation to make Public Administration open data usable and understandable

Year 2021
Customer Urban Digital Center
Services Information design

‘Urban Digital Center Innovation Lab Rovigo’ is one of the innovation labs supported by the Veneto Region. In addition to the visual identity system, we implemented a project to disseminate the culture of open data through visual storytelling and data visualisation.

This is an accessible information design project aimed at simplifying access to information and open data expressed by the municipalities of Rovigo, Adria and Villadose.

The collaboration started with a series of lectures on the basics of information design aimed at citizens and municipal employees and then evolved into several work labs dedicated to data visualisation in tourism, culture, and education, with a focus on the themes of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The infographics were designed to develop the analysis of the workshops – some of them dedicated to education in the three municipalities, others to tourism and cultural venues. The graphic visualisations were developed from open data held by local institutions to make them truly understandable to all.