A dynamic identity system to express brand DNA

Year 2018
Customer Poplab
Services Brand as ecosystem
European Design Award Finalist 2019

Poplab is a research and development lab established to experiment with the connection between digital and immersive technologies, architecture and design. We were involved to create a brand that would enhance the hybrid nature of the project, which is at the same time a design studio and fab lab.

These premises allowed us to experiment extensively and to build a variable visual identity system that has parametric design as its stylistic hallmark.

In fact, the brand is created dynamically from five axes that constitute the filter for analysing all the projects and people in the studio, i.e. design, manufacturing, writing, training and R&D, to which as many geometric figures correspond.

By assigning a value to each of these axes, it is possible to generate a brand that is different each time, always recognisable and easily traceable to Poplab.

In addition to the geometric shapes, different sounds were also assigned to each axis, resulting in different sound structures, which form the background of the video of the brand.

The logo is a visual tool that changes for each project without losing its DNA, thanks to an algorithm that allows the creation of a specific visual system representing the identity and characteristics of each Poplab project, whether it is the design of a building, a tessellation system or the program of a training course.

NodeBox developer: Daniele De Rosa

Sound Designer for video music: Leonardo ‘Doub7e’ Lazzarin