Disseminating a complex project with the most effective narrative tools

Year 2021-2022
Customer University of Padua – Department of Education Sciences
Services Narratives

P.I.P.P.I. stands for Program of Intervention for the Prevention of Institutionalisation and is the name of a program implemented by the FISPPA research laboratory of the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Padua.

The project’s objectives are ambitious: to increase the safety of children and improve the quality of their development, to innovate intervention practices towards problematic families and to reduce the risk of mistreatment and removal of children from their family of origin. It is a complex project from many points of view, first and foremost the human one, which needs to be told in a clear and easily accessible way, also and above all by non-experts. This is precisely why we got involved: to create a narrative that can make P.I.P.P.I. accessible to everyone.

To do this, we designed a set of visual tools to narrate the program in a caring and sensitive manner, without falling into easy sentimentalism. First, we worked on the creation of the logo, conceived as a user-friendly, recognisable and playful artifact.

We then made a series of video interviews with the scientific team of P.I.P.P.I., and traveled along Italy to collect the voices of educators working every day with children and their families.

P.I.P.P.I. also became a book, a reportage through words and pictures, where images, data and photographs alternate and complement each other, creating a multifaceted and effective narrative.

Finally, the project also became an emotional animation, created to involve all audiences, including the children targeted by the intervention.

Art direction: Laura Bortoloni
Graphic design: Sara Paioncini
Video: Alberto Gambato
Photography: Matteo de Mayda
Words: Anna Talami
Illustrations: Silvia Compagnino
Data visualisation: Nilo
Motion: Samuele Grando
Sound: Enrico Lucchese